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The Lagos State Special

 People’s Law stipulates 19 functions of the office which can be summarized by these 8 categories;

1.     Advocacy, Public enlightenment and Reorientation of the public.

2.     Registration and coordination of associations of PWDs in Lagos State. Establishment of a PWDs database to ensure proper planning.

3.    Collaboration with Ministries, Parastatals and corporate bodies in respect of building codes, all government policies, programs and activities. Liaising with international organizations to ensure the best practices available.

4.     Issuance of directives and guidelines for the education, social development and welfare of PWDs, including preventive and curative exercises.

5.     Issuance of guidelines and directives to the relevant authority on special sports and to special schools for PWDs.

6.     Issuance and revocation of certificates of disability and customized insignia to be used at parking lots.

7.    Ensuring compliance with the Law by receiving complaints from PWDs, investigation, prosecution and sanctions in appropriate cases of any violation of the Law. Actualising the enjoyment of all rights of PWDs in the Law.

8.     Establishment and promotion of schools, vocational and rehabilitation centres for the development of PWDs.

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